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Enrolment & Medical Authority Terms & Conditions Agreement (as of January 30th, 2023)

1) Term fees must be paid in full prior to the commencement of each terms program.

2) In the event of enrolment cancellation after the term has commenced, a fee equal to 2 lessons will be charged and is non-refundable.

3) In the event of absence, make-up lesson(s) are available and must be made up in the same term the initial class was missed. This is subject to availability, there are no credits or refunds on missed lessons or unused make-ups. Minimum of 2 hours’ notice of child(ren)’s absence from class is required to be eligible for a make-up.

4) Absent classes and make-ups must be completed on Bluesalt’s Customer Portal.

5) Once a make-up is booked, it cannot be changed or cancelled.

6) Should a makeup class be booked but not attended, the lesson is therefore forfeited.

7) To prevent the spread of illness, if a child has suffered from any sickness, please enter their absence from swimming and attempt to find a make-up classes for them when they are well.

8) Bluesalt Swim School reserves the right to change instructors or move students if the need arises. We do however strive to maintain consistency where possible.

9) Children are not to enter the pool prior to their lesson until directed to do so by their instructor.
All children must also exit the pool when directed to do so by their instructor.

10) A parent/guardian is required to remain in the pool building throughout their child(ren)’s class.

Photography/Social Media Terms & Conditions (please read carefully as our agreement has changed)

11) In respect of others privacy, personal photography is not allowed, unless consent is given by other parents/guardians, teachers and management.

12) I give consent that my child’s photographs or videos taken in the swimming school during a swimming class, to be used now or in the future for the purpose of promotional materials, including advertising and marketing as well as posted on the service’s of Social Media accounts including Facebook, Instagram & Bluesalt Swim Schools website.
**I understand I can withdraw the above Photography/Social Media Terms & Conditions consent at any time by advising Bluesalt Swim School directly in writing to [email protected]

Indemnity Clause (please read carefully)

13) Bluesalt Swim School takes no responsibility or liability for accidents or injuries that occur within or outside the swimming school premises

a) I hereby give full permission that my child can participate in their swimming classes presented by Bluesalt Swim Schools and indemnify Bluesalt Swim Schools, it’s owners, and employees, of any possible damage that might be sustained from any accident, sickness or injury or anything whatsoever that might occur to my child, family member or anyone in my care, before, after or during the swimming lesson or whilst on premises.

b) I hereby indemnify Bluesalt Swim Schools, it’s owners and employees of Bluesalt Swim Schools, and hold it harmless against all loss or damage that it might sustain, and in respect of all claims and proceedings made or insinuated against Bluesalt Swim Schools, it’s owners and employees, by third parties and also in respect of all legal costs.


the parent/guaridian
consent for the staff at Bluesalt Swim School to provide medical assistance as deemed necessary in the event of any illness or accident which may occur to my child(ren) whilst attending the swim school and agree to meet any medical expenses incurred.

I have read and fully understand the Medical Authority and Terms and Conditions Agreement, lesson make up policy and general policy information of lesson enrolment and I agree to abide by all of its conditions.