My booked make-up class was a different standard to my regular class. Why is this?

Classes can differ from structure and intensity within the same level program depending on the other regular swimmers that participate in this class.

When should my child start swimming?

There is no right age to start swimming lessons. Some children start as early as 6 months of age, while others take more time to feel comfortable within a class environment. Whenever you would like to begin your child’s swimming journey, we will be here to support them as best we can.

I feel like my child is ready to progress to the next level. How often do they get assessed?

Bluesalt Swim School constantly assess classes each week. As soon as we have highlighted a child needs to progress to a higher level, we will communicate this to the parent/guardian and discuss moving into these higher classes.

Are Bluesalt teachers fully qualified?

Yes. All our swimming teachers and office staff are fully qualified through AustSwim or Swim Australia